Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics

C4X Discovery is currently looking to extend its drug discovery team with an experienced, highly motivated Senior Bioinformatician, with human genome experience.

Taxonomy3 is a unique method for analysing human genetic data developed by C4X and based on application of novel mathematics. The method extracts additional genetic insights from the datasets, and these insights are used to identify drug targets for progression within C4X Discovery. We are now looking for a bioinformatician to join our discovery genetics function to expedite this transition of genetic insights into new drug targets.

This individual will make a significant impact in a number of areas:

  1. Analysis of the results of Taxonomy3 requires access to, and assimilation of, a broad range of algorithms and databases. Ensuring that the most appropriate approach is identified to progress our projects and applying these methods to our datasets are important aspects of the role.
  2. The output of the Taxonomy3 analysis comprises a list of genes of interest, plus gene-gene interactions. This unique output requires cutting-edge bioinformatic assessment to identify key pathways, networks etc. en route to identifying novel drug targets.
  3. The Taxonomy3 method is already yielding valuable results that have been translated into drug discovery programmes. In addition, we are looking to develop the methodology further to enhance the outputs from the analyses. Significant bioinformatics input will also be needed as a key part of these technology developments.
  4. An additional important part of the role is to keep abreast of developments in the bioinformatics field and incorporate them into C4X’s target identification and drug discovery pipelines.

This is an exciting opportunity for a creative bioinformatician to join an innovative discovery genetics team and make a significant impact in drug discovery.

C4X Discovery offers a broad selection of health benefits, share options, a generous pension scheme and an annual, discretionary bonus scheme.

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