Research Collaborations
Driving our technology into the future

University of Bristol

Dr Craig Butts
With Dr Craig Butts at the University of Bristol, we are developing NMR methods for measuring and interpreting carbon-hydrogen coupling data to determine molecular shapes with enhanced precision.

University of Reading

Dr Kenneth Shankland
With Dr Kenneth Shankland at the University of Reading, we are applying NMR and conformational data to enhance crystal structure determination by X-ray powder diffraction.

University of Manchester

Prof Tony Day
With Prof Tony Day at the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Manchester, we are combining protein NMR methods synergistically with our ligand-based NMR technology to pioneer new workflows in conformational design, using glycosaminoglycan-protein interactions as an exemplar system.

University of Oxford

Dr Wes Armour
With Dr Wes Armor at the Oxford e-Research Centre we are improving the efficiency of our Taxonomy3® software by implementing GPU's parallel computing power to rapidly analyse very large genetic datasets.