The company has acquired “a virtual library of over a billion molecules”, which should give the company a boost when it starts new discovery programmes.

According to Dr Clive Dix, the chief executive officer of C4X, the newly acquired software is “all about optimising those molecules that we find by using our other technologies”.

Dr Dix told Proactive Investors: “Everything we do is aimed at reducing the time and the cost of getting to the clinical trial and then … with the molecules we have being of higher quality, they’ll be more likely to be successful in the trials.”
The company will be starting new projects on a regular basis and when the time is right will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to bring in a partner or take the drugs to clinical trial independently.

Taxonomy 3 analyses publicly available databases to identify previously unknown linkages between genes and diseases.

C4X Discovery Holdings (LON:C4XD) chief executive Clive Dix said the company had studied rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson's disease data. "What we have found are genes that are highly associated with these diseases."

Two health and life science businesses funded by Innovate UK have come together to create a powerful way to find and design new drugs.