C4X Discovery chosen as new name for Conformetrix

Rebranding reflects value of company's technology in drug discovery

Manchester, UK, July 8 2013 – To reflect an increased recognition of the impact of its 3D NMR technology on drug discovery and optimisation, C4X Discovery has been chosen as the new name for Conformetrix.

Since its formation in 2008, the company has extensively refined its dynamic NMR technology and applied it to drug discovery and optimisation both internally and in partnership with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. In using its technology to determine the 3D structures of a wide range of molecules believed to have therapeutic relevance, it has generated a significant database of structures and understanding of effective drug discovery and design. Over the next few months, C4X Discovery expects to announce the publication of key structures from its database, as well as upgrades to its technology which will enhance its speed of use and integration into partners' R&D programmes.

Dr Clive Dix, Chairman of C4X Discovery, said, 'The data generated by the application of our technology to a broad range of structures underlines its potential to revolutionise the efficiency of drug discovery and optimisation across pipelines, and our new name reflects this. C4X Discovery is continuing to make exceptional progress with its internal pipeline and collaborators.'