C4X Discovery patent granted in Japan

Manchester and London, UK, 4 July, 2014 – C4X Discovery (C4XD), a leader in rational drug discovery and design, today announced that its patent relating to a new method for determining the three-dimensional structures of dynamic molecules has been granted in Japan.

C4XD has the only technology in the world that can generate accurate, experimentally-derived dynamic solution 3D structures of drug molecules in just a matter of days. It can be used in conjunction with existing technologies for structure-based drug design, and can make a particularly high impact when protein crystallography is not routinely available, as is the case for GPCRs and ion channels.

The granting of this patent by the Japan Patent Office marks an important step in C4XD's development. The patent covers a core element of the C4XD platform for determination of dynamic molecular structures in solution. The patent has been filed in other major territories including the United States and Europe.

Dr Andrew Almond, CTO and co-founder of C4XD, said "This is excellent recognition of our inventive approach and its unique ability to accurately determine the dynamic 3D structures of molecules. In the next couple of years, we expect to build extensively on this core patent position as we apply the technology to the identification of multiple novel agents against high-value therapeutic disease targets."

Dr Charles Blundell, CSO and co-founder of C4XD, added "This is an important next step in establishing and validating the uniqueness of the C4XD approach, and in protecting the intellectual property assets of the Company."