Conformetrix CEO to discuss partnering strategies at Genesis 2012

Manchester, UK, December 5 2012 – The CEO of Conformetrix Ltd, a leader in optimising drug discovery and design, will discuss partnering strategies and the impact of deals at the One Nucleus Genesis 20121 conference in London on December 13. Dr Sam Williams will also take part in the pre-Genesis 2012 Seminar and BioNewsRound Award2 the day before the conference.

At the Genesis event, Dr Williams will share his insights into how to secure and manage the optimal deal. Conformetrix is a spin-out from the University of Manchester, working with companies across the sector to optimise drug discovery and design. It entered into a strategic partnership with AstraZeneca in April 2012.

Conformetrix's NMR technology determines accurate three-dimensional structures - or conformations - of drug molecules in their bioactive states. This is achieved without the need for traditional structural information regarding the protein target of each drug, thereby providing researchers with valuable information on how development-stage compounds are likely to interact with their targets. This new information should improve the efficiency and quality of the lead identification, lead optimisation and candidate selection stages of drug discovery programmes.


1 One Nucleus Genesis 2012, London, UK, December 13 2012

2 Pre-Genesis Seminar, BioNewsRound Award and Welcome Reception, London, UK, December 12 2012