Scientific Conferences

NetSci Conference 2018

Presentation Title: New mathematics uncovers heterogeneity in parkinson’s disease


Current trends in drug discovery – young scientists and tomorrow’s medicines

Poster title: Accurately-Determined Solution Structure of Small Molecule Drugs Reveals Link Between Solution and Solid-State Conformational Behaviour


Neuroscience 2017

Poster title: Efficacy of a novel selective oral orexin 1 receptor antagonist in rat models of nicotine self administration and reinstatement


UKQSAR Autumn 2017 Meeting


5th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry & Computer Aided Drug Designing and Drug Delivery

Day 1 - Conformational Design Workshop
Day 2 - Ligand conformational analysis enabling improved Nrf2 activators

Schrödinger® - 16th Annual European User Meeting


SMASH 2016

1. Precise Conformational Discrimination when 1H-1H NOESY & 3J Data are Sparse

2. Relating Scalar Coupling Constants to 3D Molecular Structure in Solution