Underpinning the world's most productive drug discovery engine

C4X Discovery aims to become the world’s most productive drug discovery and development company by exploiting cutting-edge technologies to design and create best-in-class drug candidates.

C4X Drug Discovery Engine

The Company has a unique software platform for determining the flexible 3D shapes of drug molecules from experimental in vitro data and this enables the rapid design and discovery of novel and potent drugs for diseases with high unmet medical need across broad therapeutic areas.

Targets are selected through traditional industry methods and C4X Discovery’s proprietary Taxonomy3® platform, which enables the discovery of targets that cause disease, rather than those that are simply associated with its symptoms. This provides the best starting point for drug discovery, biomarker identification and patient stratification, and significantly improves the chances of clinical success. The measurement, analysis and use of dynamic 3D-shapes is at the heart of C4XD's drug discovery engine. The focus and clarity that these data provide allows the Company to make rapid progress in developing new and better drugs at a fraction of the cost, compared to best industry practice.