Enabling rational, accelerated 4D structural drug design using experimental rather than theoretical data

C4XD operates rational, accelerated drug design using experimental data to identify the important molecular shapes and from those design and develop safer and better drugs.

Our patented Conformetrix technology platform allows the dynamic 3D-shapes of free drug molecules to be precisely measured from experimental data, giving medicinal chemists new and unprecedented insights into the behaviour and physical properties of drug molecules.

The measurement, analysis and use of dynamic 3D-shapes is at the heart of the C4XD drug discovery engine, enabling the rapid development of new and better drugs at a fraction of the cost compared to best industry practice.

1. Conformetrix

The importance of drug 3D-shapes

At C4XD we have addressed the clear need for precise measurement of a small molecule's 3D-shapes by using our proprietary technology platform with measured experimental data.

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2. Conformational analysis

Measuring drug 3D-shapes

The method was developed by C4XD founders Charles Blundell and Andrew Almond to address the inadequacy of existing experimental and computational chemistry methods to determine this information.

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3. Conformational design

Using drug 3D-shapes

‘Conformational design’ aims to make rational, precision changes to molecules so that they are the right shape for binding with the target for as much time as possible.

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